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The aim of the “Oldtimerday Luxembourg”, which is organised by the Luxembourgish Oldtimer Federation (Lëtzebuerger Oldtimer Federatioun (LOF)) asbl., is to share the passion for vintage cars with the general public. To guarantee the functioning and the success of the event, the LOF requires all clubs, associations, partners and all those wanting to take part, to ensure the following points of our charter are respected:


1. The final aim of all related events ought to be the promotion of vintage vehicles as described in the LOF asbl. statutes and to promote the right to drive yesterday’s vehicles on the roads of today and tomorrow.

2. The LOF asbl. does not get involved in the organisation of the events. Its role is limited to communication and coordination of events at a national level. The LOF asbl. may however make suggestions regarding the implementation and in extreme cases refuse to promote an event that is not in conformity with the vocation to promote vintage vehicles. In that case, the use of display material associated with the “Oldtimerday Luxembourg” is prohibited.

3. The LOF declines any responsibility linked to associated events. Hence, each organiser has the sole responsibility for his/her event. Specifically, he/she is in charge of applying for any necessary authorisations and insurance policies. The LOF is not subject to appeal on matters relating to associated events.

4. The LOF asks all organisers to respect the public order, specifically for driving events, so as not to harm the reputation of vintage vehicles.

5. Associated events are to be communicated to the LOF, including all the details regarding the organisation, the timing, the location and the nature of the event. The organiser is also required to specify the type of event: meeting in one location, excursion, museum opening, picnic trip, jumble sale, open day, car exhibition, elegance contest …

6. Events have to be open to visitors from the general public. The organiser can charge registration fees.

7. The organiser will have to use the official “Oldtimerday Luxembourg” logo on all of their promotional material.

8. Vintage car owners not associated with a club, which is a member of the LOF asbl., are also allowed to bring their vehicle to either participate in different events, or to exhibit their motor vehicle to the public outside their home. The aim is to display the maximum number of vintage automobiles to the general public.

9. Craftsmen and companies associated with catering jobs and the maintenance of vintage vehicles are also invited to share their know-how with the general public, through open-days.

10. Industrial or technical sites are invited to associate themselves with the event in order to allow vintage vehicle owners to exhibit their motor vehicle. Museums which are linked with vintage automobiles are also welcome to open their doors to the general public.


Hilaire Schneider (President) | Dan Medinger (Vice-President) | Sandra Heinisch (Secretary) | Georges Stammet (Treasurer) |

Curt Wagner | Thierry Hilger | Guy Maathuis | Gilles Heinen | Gilbert Steines

HEADQUARTERS: L-9280 Diekirch, 20/22, rue de Stavelot.

R. C. Luxembourg: F 431 I
CCPL : IBAN LU35 1111 1117 1568 0000 I BIC-Code : CCPLLULL